Phone Radiation – You should be aware

Phone Radiation Radiation is energy travelling through space in the form of waves or particles. It occurs naturally and has  always been around, we've evolved with it and we're bombarded with it in one form or another every day of our lives – from the earth, from space and even within our own bodies. Some experts suggest a little radiation is a good thing and we all know of its uses in medical science to combat and diagnose some illnesses.

There are various types of radiation but we won't get into the physics of atoms, neutrons and protons (there are plenty of websites that explain it if you want the scientific stuff) – but we will tell you why radiation is in mobile phones and whether or not you need to worry about it.

Radiation and your Mobile Phone or Cell Phone
The type of radiation emitted from mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation. Read the rest of this entry »

How to avoid cell phone radiation

1: to minimize talk time

Use of mobile phones should be as brief as to minimize the time each call. If a longer talk time is really necessary, then the center may wish to pause, divided into two or three conversations. When you hold the phone side of the head or face are fever, sweating, should immediately stop calling.

2: Try not to put cell phone pocket, waist and bedside

Mice, researchers had made experiments, when the body surface per square centimeter with 1700 MHz, 10 mW after 100 minutes of radio exposure, mice began to appear abnormal testis, vas deferens to change the surface of epithelial cells and mature spermatocytes rapid decrease.

Some people like to charge a cell phone on the bedside, in fact, the power itself is a mobile phone electromagnetic fields generated radiation on human, of course. In addition, when not charging a cell phone should be placed 1-2 meters away from where the body, often the phone on the bed, pillow and so are likely to receive cell phone electromagnetic radiation.

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Cell And Mobile Phone Radiation Protection Tips

motorola-crushThere are now estimated to be 208 million cell phone users in the U.S. alone, 1.9 billion worldwide. Scientists fear we may be on the verge of a health crisis of epidemic proportions. Dr. George Carlo, former chief scientist of the cell phone industry's $28 million safety research project, predicts 500,000 new cases of brain and eye cancer each year by 2010 attributable to cell phone use (there are currently 30-50,000 cases each year).
"The voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones… [is] the largest human biological experiment ever."
~ Professor Leif Salford, Head of Research at Lund University, Sweden
Studies have linked cell phone radiation to health problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, brain tumors, cancer, Alzheimer's, and more. There is a latency period for most diseases and it may take years and more studies before the required weight of evidence is established. But the effects are cumulative and precautions should be taken now before it is too late.
Here are some steps you can take to minimize the effects of cell phone radiation exposure:
  1. Limit use to essential calls and keep calls short. Even a two-minute call has been found to alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to an hour afterwards. Read the rest of this entry »